Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Packs 3 - 8

The kids and I went a bit on a rampage opening packs and we found some good ones:
Our first Future Star: Rafael Palmeiro
First All Star Rookie: Cory Snyder
Card # 1: Roger Clemens Record Breaker
Sammy Khalifa :The guy who was seemingly in every pack I bought in 1987.

The list goes on

I'll post the checklist soon so you can see some of the others but I pulled out the two in this post photo. When opening the packs, I tell the kids a little story about the players I remember. 'Dwight Evans had a cannon for an arm.' 'Dave Stewart beat the Sox every game he faced them it seemed, definitely in the playoffs'. For Buckner and McGwire, I could gave gone several ways butI told the kids McGwire crushed balls far over the Monster and Billy Buck was a tough guy who could rake. It was odd pulling his card this weekend and to hear he passed away.

We are through 8 packs at this point and no doubles.  We have completed 16.79% of the set.

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